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Stanford University- Stanford Business School




Strategic Uses of Information Technology

Stanford Graduate School of Business

Recent developments in information technology have transformed the way organizations conduct business. Today, companies are slashing costs using real-time electronic communications, improving customer intimacy by leveraging the Internet, and taking advantage of new business models such as distributed auctions and trading hubs. Yet many senior leaders lack the tools to assess and communicate the business impact that information technology can bring to their organization.

In this program, CIOs, CTOs, and senior general managers learn to identify, assess, and communicate the strategic competitive advantages enabled by information technology.

Content Overview

Strategic Uses of Information Technology takes a strategic, business-focused approach to information technology. The curriculum is non-technical and emphasizes frameworks for maximizing the value of an organization’s existing information technology assets, as well as using information systems to reshape organizational strategy and culture. Recent case studies explore the best practices of top global companies that excel at creating value through information systems. Taking advantage of Stanford’s position as the leading business school in Silicon Valley, the program also integrates into its curriculum a variety of industry guest speakers from innovative, market-leading technology companies.

Key Takeaways:

– Frameworks for identifying the business value and strategic impact of information systems
– New methods for integrating information technology into the structure and culture of an organization
– Best practices and business models that leverage Internet, wireless, and networking technologies


The program is held on the Stanford University campus, which is situated on 8,180 acres in the rolling foothills. Located 35 miles south of San Francisco, Stanford University is just a few miles from Palo Alto and the high-tech industrial center of Silicon Valley. The campus is 25 miles south of San Francisco International Airport and 20 miles north of San Jose International Airport.


Six Days

Target audience

The program is directed to senior executives from both technology and non-technology functions who want to increase their capacity to think strategically about information technology. Although designed with CIO- and CTO-level participants in mind, the program’s curriculum is non-technical and evaluates information technology strictly from a business standpoint. It is appropriate for executives from organizations of any size or in any industry.

Last updated October 10, 2014

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